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Personal Training for the Arts

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Hello and welcome to Performance Fitness!

I'm Andrew Kinsler and I specialise in physical training for Actors, Dancers and Singers for work in Theatre, Film and Television.

As an Actor myself, I understand the workload can sometimes be very demanding and more and more we are seeing Actors having to transform physically for certain roles. Sometimes we end up rating their performance based on how long they spend in the gym instead of what we see on the day. So because so much of the performance is now in the preparation, I believe it's important to do it safely.

Crash diets and shortcuts are paths that will leave you feeling groggy, overworked and ultimately unable to give your best performance on the day.

I offer one on one training, pop-up bootcamps, nutritional advice and mindfulness coaching so that you can give your best performance on the day.

Stay performance ready with Performance Fitness!

Not only does he provide me with physical training, but also tips and suggestions when it comes to my diet. He is very careful and precise in his sessions and focuses a lot of his attention on what YOU want to achieve. I started training with Andrew nearly a year ago and the results I have seen have been life changing!

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Jesse Speller Actor